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You’re here because you want to know about TummyCare Max®. TummyCare Max® was developed by the same inventor that created MarciKids dosing and the MarciKids study that was done at the University of Missouri. This study has over 25 years of successful infant reflux and infant GERD treatment history and is commonly known in the infant reflux world as MarciKids.

Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D.  We all know him as Dr. P and he is amazing!

He also developed SOS and SLS.
* SOS – Simplified Omeprazole Suspension
* SLS – Simplified Lansoprazole Suspension
Both are common formulations used in compounding pharmacies all over the WORLD to this day and...
He also invented Zegerid® which is the only immediate release proton pump inhibitor on the market.

What's Great About TummyCare Max®

  • It is highly palatable. It tastes great! Just like vanilla ice cream.
  • Less gas production Calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide are the primary buffers.
  • Supplements the loss of calcium & magnesium during PPI treatments
  • Proven stability for 30 days minimum (Under refrigerated conditions).
  • TummyCare Max® packaged in cGMP facility for Good Manufacturing Prcatices.
  • Makes PPIs into an immediate release formulation. NO MORE TIMING AROUND FEEDINGS!
  • MSPI and FPIES allergen friendly! You can read a list of our ingredients here.
  • Works with PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors) such as omeprazole or lansoprazole, whether it is over the counter or Rx (Under the supervision of your medical care team).
  • Cost of product with cost of PPI included is typically under $3 dollars a day!
  • One packet of our products provide your baby with 7 to 30 days of reflux treatment. (depending on dosing regimen designed by your medical team).
  • We stand by our products 100%.

TummyCare Max® is a compounding suspension that can be used as a stand-alone product as a buffer and is intended to be used with a PPI exactly as compounding pharmacies use to formulate oral suspensions for your baby’s medicine. Except it’s better!

Why is TummyCare Max® better?

TummyCare Max® was created to overcome shortcomings of SOS and SLS shown during treatment in the MarciKids study. It’s far superior to any pre-formulated compound and A LOT less expensive. OVER 50% less expensive.

We've worked with hundreds of families and their medical teams and we want to help you too!

TummyCare Max® Tastes Great: Standard PPI compounds contain too much sodium bicarbonate which cause a salty and metallic taste; this combined with the bitterness of PPI medicines makes it unpalatable for babies. TummyCare Max® contains micronized calcium carbonate and micronized magnesium hydroxide, with a very small amount of sodium bicarb. Plus TummyCare Max® has very unique blend of non-acidic flavors and sweeteners to mask the bitterness of PPI medicines without effecting the stability of the compound. Babies LOVE TummyCare Max® because it tastes like vanilla ice cream!

 See ingredients here.

Happy Baby on TummyCare Max

Production of Gas with Pharmacy Compounds: SOS & SLS were created for adult patients in the ICU who typically had an NG tube. This was fine because flavor was not a consideration and any gas produced by the sodium bicarb was easily passed in adult patients. This isn’t true for babies. Sodium bicarb combined with stomach acid causes CO2 gas instantly and creates a lot of pressure in the stomach.

This results in burping of stomach contents  (reflux) and causes a burning sensation which is very painful. Also, some of this gas moves into the small intestines where it creates cramping and “colic-like” symptoms. Calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide produce much less gas and has a slower, gentler interaction with stomach acid. That’s why you see it’s predominant use in antacids rather than using sodium bicarbonate. Also micronization of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide produces a desirable buffering effect to protect the PPI.

Calcium and Magnesium supplementation: TummyCare Max® supplements calcium and magnesium as PPI medicines can reduce the absorption of these elements.

Stability: Rigorous stability testing was performed at The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences for stability of the liquid formulations of lansoprazole and omeprazole in TummyCare Max®. and confirmed that it remained stable for 30 days under refrigerated conditions. Most pharmacy compounds are only stable for 7-14 days.

TummyCare Max® packaged in cGMP facility: Good manufacturing practices facility that assures the product is held to high standards of manufacturing in a secure, sterile environment.

Turns PPIs into immediate release formulation: When a PPI is compounded with TummyCare Max® it will become an immediate release PPI rather than a delayed release. Not only does that mean you don't have to time around feedings but it means more rapid absorption of the PPI. Your baby will feel better FASTER!

Works with PPI’s: Proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole, Prilosec® and generic brands, or lansoprazole, Prevacid®. Whether it is over the counter or Rx, under the supervision of your medical care team.

There's so many other GREAT benefits to using TummyCare Max®. Keep reading!

MSPI and FPIES allergen friendly: MSPI stands for milk, soy, protein intolerance. FPIES stands for food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome. We went to great measures to insure that our ingredients are allergen friendly and meet the very special criteria for babies with MSPI and FPIES.

TummyCare Max® is gluten free, milk free, corn protein free, no proteins or protein isolates, is not tested on animals and does not contain any lactose. Which makes TummyCare Max® safe for your MSPI or FPIES babies. Your baby's health is our number one priority! Your baby's health is our number one priority!

Cost is less than $3 a day: That includes the cost of the PPI! TummyCare Max® is an enormous cost savings to you. The average compound pharmacy charges anywhere from $75 to $600 (yes, six hundred dollars!!!) to make a compound that may or may not last 30 days and as previously mentioned, they normally lose stability after 7-14 days.

7-30 Days worth of treatment: One packet of our products offers your baby with 7 to 30 days of reflux treatment once it is blended with the PPI your medical team has provided. (This will depend on the dosing regimen your baby’s healthcare team has determined is appropriate. Use the dosing calculator and product cost calculator to assist you and your medical team in making those choices.

RAVING FANS: TummyCare Max® cares about it’s customers and their babies so much that mamas can’t help but rave about us. See our Feedback from real Moms!

Let us know if you have any other questions. We're happy to help!


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